Blue/Seafoam Glazed Artisan Mugs

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Glazed Artisan Mugs

Introducing our Glazed Artisan Mugs, the perfect addition to your morning coffee or tea routine. These mugs are handmade in Indonesia by skilled artisans, who have been crafting ceramics for generations. Each mug is crafted with care and precision, ensuring that every detail is perfect.

The mugs are made from high-quality ceramic materials, making them durable and long-lasting. The ceramic material also ensures that your beverage stays warm for longer, so you can enjoy your favorite hot drink at your own pace. The mugs are glazed with a variety of colors, each one unique and beautiful in its own way.

The Glazed Artisan Mugs are not only functional, but also a work of art. The vibrant colors are inspired by Indonesian culture, adding a touch of exotic elegance to your kitchen. These mugs are perfect for gifting to loved ones or for treating yourself to a luxurious and unique experience.

Price is for 2 mugs